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当サイトでは電車運転シミュレーションゲーム BVE trainsim 向けに近鉄奈良線・大阪線のアドオンを公開しています。BVE traimsim本体および当サイトのアドオンは、いずれも無料でご使用になれます。




Welcome to ‘Bve trainsim Kintetsu Nara/Osaka Line’.   This website is distributing add-ons for BVE Trainsim, 3D train driver simulation game.  BVE Trainsim has been developed by mackoy-san since 1999 and a lot of routes and train add-on scenarios have been developed and provided at free.  I have been created two Kintetsu railway routes since 2000; updating every few years.  You will find these resources from the following links: