Poor scenery?

Some people ask me “why don’t you add more scenery and buildings around tracks”?

This is one of the most difficult question to answer.  I have tried buildings to my map more than a few times. Currently I would rather create other driving experiences such as sounds and signals. changed.

In other words, do we seriously focus on the buildings and scenery outside the track while driving the train?  Some people might say yes, but I would say no.  I am not a train driver, but this is the same as driving a car or riding a bicycle.  The focus point should be usually an extension of driver’s way(rail, track), and any other things are supporting the view as a background.


Where do we focus on during driving?

When I started creating Bve scenario 15 years ago, computer resources were limited in both CPU speed and screen resolution.  Few years later, the condition was getting better.  Notably BVE4 provided 1024 x 768 resolution.  I started adding richer scenery of Kintetsu Osaka Line.

Kintetsu Osaka Line (Nabari-Aoyamacho) 2004

Kintetsu Osaka Line (Nabari-Aoyamacho) 2004

Next, I tried to add buildings as my PC replaced and got some improvement of processing polygons.  I remembered I was not good at creating such kinds of objects.

After that, I focused on the objects that are located ‘within the track’ and ‘wayside’.

Kintetsu Nara Line (Shin'omiya Station) 2006

Kintetsu Nara Line (Shin’omiya Station) 2006

Just try it. Just do it.


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