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Known problems (as of Feb.2016)

It’s been 10 months since I released the current version of Bve 5 Kintetsu Nara Line.  I’m very pleased that users enjoy this scenario and provide some messages and post comments on twitter.

So far, the current version has some small problems both in technical and recency.

Bve Trainsim 5 近鉄奈良線の現行版のリリースから10ヶ月を経過し、現時点でいくつか既知の問題点があります。

(Technical issue) On type 5800 train, a power notch may misbehave when the following input is made in a twinkling;

  • The input from one of the power notch positions to one of the holding brake notch positions e.g. P4 to HB-“Susume”

I tried to investigate the root cause but haven’t reached to an answer.
This problem only occurs when the input is made so quickly, therefore please turn off from a power notch, wait a while, and turn a hold brake notch on.


(Recency issue) Speed limits have been amended on the real route, but I could not follow the changes.  Please give attention to the manual.


There are lots of small changes…サイズ変更ウィザード-1