Hanshin Line

This is an announcement of a new release outside my site.

Hanshin main line from Osaka-Umeda to Nishinomiya has been released by Mr. silky_jet at Takoyaki-Bread (http://www.takoyaki-bread.com/).

The route is superior in quality of track curves designed with a high accuracy of calculation and a variety of train running sounds.  The rolling stocks are created upon the conglomerate of modern technology on Bve 5 supported by Mr. Bantetsu, Mr. Sukajun and me.  I contributed some parts to this new route and type 9000 rolling stock.  Type 9000’s clear and powerful motor sound will attract you to a new driving experience on Bve trainsim.

Note: My Kintetsu Nara line type 5800 and other rolling stocks are not currently compatible for this Hanshin line even from Amagasaki and to the west.

このたび、silky_jet氏によるBve trainsim アドオンの新作「阪神電鉄 下り 梅田 – 西宮」に阪神電車9000系のサウンドなどでご協力させて頂きました。Bve5用に高い緻密に計算された軌道の曲線や、多彩な走行音の変化、高加減速・高速運転などの楽しめる内容となっております。なお、現在のところBve trainsim 近鉄奈良線の車両(5800系など)は尼崎以西においても互換性はございませんのでご了承ください。

3 thoughts on “Hanshin Line

  1. Chrysanthos Tsiplidhs

    hello there my name is chris 😀 i must say that you have done a great job about the routes they are very detailed too! by the way can you take requests about creating new routes? thank you for listening 🙂

    1. coffeeandsleep2014 Post author

      Hello, Chris. Hanshin railway route is actually not my work but my recommended Bve route and I donated some parts to the route. It is my pleasure you enjoy this. Unfortunately it is going to be difficult to take direct request to create new routes. However, I am glad to hear such a positive feedback. Thank you.


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