3. External Links

The following links are external websites that are necessary, important and/or useful to enjoy Bve Kintetsu Nara Line.

Bve trainsim, by Dr. mackoy

Bve trainsim main program is mandatory to run my add-on.  http://bvets.net/

Code T, by Mr. sukajun

Additional vehicles – Kintetsu Type 8000 and Type 1010 – are available from this website.  http://code-t14.com/
Kintetsu railway type 8000 is operated in Osaka, Nara and Kyoto area and type 1010 is operated in Nagoya area.  The root of ‘T’ is vehicle identification code of type 1010.

Tebadome, by Mr. Bantetsu

Additional vehicle – Kintetsu Type 9020 – is available from this website. http://bn-tc221.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/
Bantetsu-san also provided a lot of graphics used in my add-on such as the cab image of type 3200.

You can get some JR trains as well as Kintetsu 9020.  Note that those JR trains cannot be used in Kintetsu Nara line.

Other Recommended Websites

The followings are external links to Bve related but not Kintetsu Nara Line add-on.

  • Takoyaki-Bread, by Mr. silky_jet
  • Creating Hanshin line add-on based on a transcendent technique to calculating track curves;  I highly recommend you to try these scenarios including speedy ‘Jet Car’ and express commuter trains;  the co-author of JR Tozai line http://www.takoyaki-bread.com/
  • Nonstop Express ~沿線民より想いを込めて~, by Mr.Rabbit-car
  • Developing Kintetsu Minami-Osaka line add-on as a renewal, derived from Bve 2/4 version of this route created by Mr. Jumbo.  A quick operation is required due to the tight curves and high density train timetable.  http://mottyan0128.web.fc2.com/koukai/download.html
  • 鉄道館@大阪河内営業所
  • The original author of the above Minami-Osaka line Bve add-on for Bve 2/4. http://blog.livedoor.jp/local_abenobashi/
  • Dr. SAKURAI Rin 
  • A leading expert on developing Bve trainsim add-ons.  His ‘Curvecalc’ tool and article of the calculation method are very useful.  Keio line add-on, which latest version is for Bve 4, simulates the tention during the driving experience with fast-changing signals in Tokyo suburb.  http://nyobo.fr.a.u-tokyo.ac.jp/
  • しゃとるーむ
     by しゃとる氏

    Tokyo Metro Ginza line, Tokyo Metro Hanzomon line, Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin line, Keio Keibajo line and Tokyo Monorail Haneda Airport line.  http://shtr-m.net/

  • vertah’s warehouse, by Mr. vertah

    Comprehensive, variety types of Tokyo Metro’s vehicles, Tokyu 8090/8590 vehicles and Tobu 9000/9050/30000/50070 vehicles  http://vertah.sakura.ne.jp/

  • Passage Signal, by Mr. Takahashi

    Tokaido line, The Shinkansen, Tokyu Toyoko line, Itoh line, Tokyu Den-en-toshi line & Shin-tamagawa line and Tokyu 8090 vehicle. http://www.nozomi.vc/

  • Camino Digital Works by Mr. Camino

    Musashino line and several add-ons that was put on hold e.g. Chuo line project ACCC works http://www.yukinohana.net/~camino/

  • Circulation Lane, by Mr. shallow-field

    Creating various vehicles around Japan.  e.g. Seibu 6000, Tokyu 1000, 7600, 8090, Fukuoka 2000, Keikyu 800, Tokyo Monorail 1000, JR 2xx  http://sigf.sakura.ne.jp/

  • みかんごーごー, by Mr. Rock_On

    Various vehicles of Japan National Railway (former JR) and Bve developers’ tools.  http://mkn55.blog.fc2.com/

  • Typefaces and BVE, by 車警定位氏

    Tokyu Ikegami line, Tokyu 8090 vehicle and travelling tips in Taiwan. http://type-bve.pvsa.mmrs.jp/

  • Like A Lake, by わっきー氏

    Keihan line, Keishin line and JR Biwako line. http://www.like-a-lake.com/

  • BVE-West 製作所 by 摂津ライナー氏

    Introducing recent updates on creating JR Kyoto line. http://blog.ap.teacup.com/bve-west/

  • Wiki-based Bve trainsim technical notes that are for both uses and developers. http://wikiwiki.jp/bver/

  • Bve Trainsim Players Wiki, by ふと桃氏

    Wiki-based Bve trainsim addon list.  http://wikiwiki.jp/bvets/

  • Sasazuka BVE Laboratory

    My another blog distributing Keio Keibajo line with Toei 10-300 ATC driving system. http://ec207.exblog.jp/

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